Ericksonian Hypnosis — Changing The Unconscious Mind

So many things can happen when one just “Lets go and lets the Unconscious”. Removal of stumbling blocks, accessing of previously unknown resources, and a changed outlook towards the Past, the Present, and the Future.

Chatting With Hypno-Systems UK Multimedia Division

Directions for finding the owner of Hypno-Systems UK on various chat systems, and purposes for seeking a chat.

Royalty-free music used in this video courtesy of xvK2vx,
a partner on the site Music 4 Your Vids; found at the following URL…

Fantastic Hypnotic Inner Voyages — Binaural Beat Mind Massage II — Fun-D-‘MentalS (Full Version)

Hypno-Systems UK’s second video to go Viral.

HEADPHONES REQUIRED — And apologies for any Post-Processing Audio Artifacts caused by YouTube! Also, be not afraid to pause this long video to allow it to buffer completely; this will give the viewer a better, uninterrupted experience.

This second VLF(Very Low Freauency) Binaural Mind Massage file has only been tested by the composer on herself. It sent said composer into a deep state of hypnotic immobility. This is a video-based full length demo of the 1 hr 20 min 58 sec audio.

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: Like any Mind Altering Audio/Video production,
this file should NOT be used when one needs one’s full attention and alertness!


Ericksonian Conversational Storytelling Hypnosis — The Hypnotic Room of Requirement

This session is best for those who have tranced to my videos before.

Travel in your mind across a dark-water lake to an old Gothic Castle, and find there a room containing all your unconscious mind might need for the resolution of today’s issue…a Hypnotic Room of Requirement; just like the one found at a certain fictional school. It will change to suit any need…sound familiar? This video contains suggestions of hypnotic immobility in one section.