While I Wait Upon The National Health Service…

Here is one of the last hypnosis sessions I will publish before the oral surgery takes place. A Content-Free Utilization hypnosis session, this one is unusual also in that it uses Apposition of Opposites in the induction phase, couched in prosaic language. I hope you find it useful!


Health Issue Causes a Change of Direction

I’ve been informed by my dental care outlets that I need to have what is called a “total mouth clearance”.  In other words, they wish to remove all of my teeth via oral surgery under a general anaesthetic *groan*.  This is not uncommon to have happen as one grows older. I have already had a pre-surgical assessment, and now am waiting to be told there is a bed for me at the designated hospital. This is being done under the auspices of the National Health Service, so the schedule is indeterminate at best.

What this means for my YouTube channels: less hypnosis and more Hypnotic Soundscapes, at least for the present time and until I have been properly fitted with dentures.

What can my viewing audience do to help?

Keep watching and sharing; YouTube Fan Funding and Patreon support would also be welcome. I promise to get through this and back to full production as soon as possible!