3DHypnoAudioVisual — Tonality Series — Quintinaural With 3D SFX Overlay

Binaual and Trinaural Tones combined…then mixed with a custom 3D overlay derived from several licensed RF sound effects. The thus created 3D overlay comprises a new derivative audio work.

YouTube For Hypnotists — Visibility And Profit In A Single Package-Pt.1


Pretty, yes?  This channel is now coming up to its third birthday.  

For most hypnotists in current practice, whether entertainment, or issue-resolution based, the video portal YouTube is a place to view content, rather than post content; yet a search for “Hypnosis”, “Hypnosis Show”, “Hypnosis Training”, “Self-Hypnosis”, “Hypnotherapy”, or any other hypnosis-related search parameter will turn up at the current time, about 900,000 results.  What are the most common reasons for not using YouTube as a content posting platform for hypnotists?  

Sufficient answers/commentary will cause Pt. 2 to be posted.  Please direct all answers, comments etc., to the YouTube channel linked to photo above.


Ericksonian Storytelling Hypnosis — Healing “Temple Sleep” Trance Session

Begin at a waterfall whose healing cascade cleanses body and mind of discomfort; journey from there to a time-lost sacred sanctuary where you engage in one of the most ancient of healing rituals…Temple Sleep.

Ericksonian Hypnosis “Deep Trance Identification” — Resolving Performance Anxiety

In this hypnosis session, your unconscious mind is encouraged to “merge with and model-emulate” a person already successful in the field in which you yourself have an anxiety issue. Then you are allowed to awaken while bringing the desired qualities back to full consciousness, already integrated into your psyche.

Snowfall Sleep Conversational Hypnosis Session

Please read entire description.
Another edit of a session carried out live online which I hope will help the insomniacs amongst my viewers. Watching snow fall in the winter can be extremely hypnotic…becoming a snowflake oneself, even more so.

Ericksonian Hypnosis For Hypnotherapists — Accessing Unconscious Resources

Here is an Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphor session designed for hypnotherapists; its goal, to assist said hypnotherapists to access their own unconscious resources, thereby increasing therapeutic effectiveness in assisting clientele to do the same.