Social Media “Marketing”

Yes, I am getting more Twitter followers now.

I’m not sure how good the types of followers I am getting are though. 1 in 10 seems to be some type of artificial inflation of popularity scheme trying to get me to jump on their bandwagon. 2 in 10 seem to be so called “internet entrepreneurs” (read as Affiliate Marketers) trying to “shove product down my digital throat”.

I need to make money, not spend more money.

I need a marketing expert of my own but I can’t afford to pay such a person for their services. Nor do I wish to end up looking like every other “self development guru” on the digital planet. I don’t need or want to send out digital newsletters urging my readers to buy not only my own products, but the products of every other self dev marketer in the world.

There must be a better model out there…or maybe I need to develop the first new one?