About Hypnotic Voyages Through Audio/Video Media

This is the Official WordPress Blog of Jocelyn L. H. Jensen C.Ht, Dip. Hyp  BHRTI, Owner/CEO of Hypno-Systems UK.

Mrs. Jocelyn Jensen is a Certified and Diploma-bearing hypnotherapist in practice in the East Midlands, United Kingdom. Her practice is 98% online based; she does sessions through the online systems Skype and OoVoo. A hypnotist of over 46 years experience, Jocelyn was a Child Prodigy who hypnotized her first subject at the age of 11 years.

Having been “bitten by the hypnosis bug”, she then set out to learn all she could about this art and science, culminating in her recent diploma-certification update through British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute with Stephen H. Brooks.  Jocelyn’s preferred hypnotic modality is Ericksonian Indirect, but she is happy to utilize whatever hypnotic subject skills her clientele present to her.  An avid hypnotic media producer as well (both audio and video types), her main YouTube channel subscribership grows daily; plus she may well be the very first hypnotist to be invited to an external YouTube Partner Network membership.

Change Your Mindset and Thought Direction, And Your Whole Life Will Change!


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