Hypnotic Soundscapes — Oceanic Fairy Music Mix 1

Headphones recommended for full enjoyment of this Hypnotic Soundscape.

My concept of a Fairy Concert Orchestra Ensemble piece that might be offered to guests at a party by the Old Ones of the Sea.
Tell me if you like or don’t mind the lack of a title card here.

Hypnotic Soundscapes — Ancient Elven Magick Power

In a lost time…out of Myth and Mind…an Elven Priestess in the depths of a Virgin Forest weaves Magick using the Old Tongue…calling upon the Gods’ assistance in renewing the Dimensional Curtain hiding her People from the predations of Humankind.

The Hypnotic Sisters — Double Induction Hypnosis 1

Video Originally Published on Jul 3, 2013


Here at last is the long awaited first full double induction from The Hypnotic Sisters. We begin in tandem, then switch to simultaneous delivery in paraliminal style (different vocal statements going to left and right ear). This is followed by a tandem-delivery fractionation which installs a re-induction trigger, and finally we awaken you…again as a tandem count-up. Each of us will only be heard on one side; Sister Prime on the left side, and Sister Segundo on the right side.

Have Fun! And thanks to Shockwave-Sound.com for the licensing of our backing track.


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I’ve been quite busy since the last blog entry.  In the time I’ve been away, the Hypno-Systems UK’s main YouTube channel has surpassed 2,400 subscribers, and I’ve founded a few more channels of note including all of the following:  a collaboratory channel with another female hypnotherapist, a channel specifically for displaying the uses of the Ericksonian/NLP technique known as Deep Trance Identification, plus an experimental channel for hypnosis inducing Soundscapes.  I will link these below.

Hypnotic Sisters Tag Team and Dual Induction Channel

Ericksonian Deep Trance Identification Channel

Hypnotic Soundscapes Dedicated Channel

With all of the media production needed to get the new channels up to speed, naturally my blogging time has been reduced.  Be sure to check the new channels out; they are well worth your viewing time and it is my hope you will like the content enough to subscribe.